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AMFPHP project wiki

In order to create documentation for the next incarnation of AMFPHP, we have implemented this Wiki. Please contribute as much as you can, it’s a task much too large for a single person!

Contributing to AMFPHP

The core of the AMFPHP 1.0 programming is currently being handled by Patrick Mineault. Being extremely busy as he is, he still needs your help for:

If you want to contribute to any of these, please send an email to $patrick→5etdemi(com). You may want to read the following blog entry for more info. Developers will be interested in how AMFPHP works. See also the archived todos for things that have been done/resolved.

AMFPHP User Manual

Example files

The following files will be included as example files in the next stable distribution of AMFPHP. Each one focuses on one specific features of AMFPHP, and should help new users understand better how AMFPHP works. Please take 10 minutes of your time to complete one of these files.

There are also many tutorials/blog posts on complete AMFPHP projects that will get you started really quickly:

Name, logo and the new site

The new layout entries for the AMFPHP site are now available, you can submit yours right there. Don’t forget to read this blog entry for guidelines.

Voting has finished for the logo for AMFPHP 1.0 results can be viewed herehttp://www.fizzingmedia.com/poll The winner is Entry Nr. 1 by Philipp Ringli.


In English:

In French:

In Spanish:

In Portuguese Brazil:

In Chinese (focus on amfphp v1.0 MS2)

tutorials written in Chinese, but examples files heavily commented in english.
topics covered: 

User contributed classes

Candidates for showcase

Complete sites




These are future additions to later versions of AMFPHP that I’d like to see:

AMFPHP roles (who does what)


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